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Opaque tights, 60 denier

£ 2,10 

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Elegant, soft, warm and comfortable tights. Top quality, winter weight opaques tights made from microfibre and elastane. Small gusset sizes 2, 3 and 4, back panel gusset size 5. Invisibly Reinforced Toe.

Colours presented are a digital representation of the actual colours of the products and may vary from actual colours due to variance in monitor or printing calibrations and the thickness of the fabric. .

60 denier

Available sizes:

Size small

height (cm ): 158-164cm

hips ( cm ): 100-108 cm

Size medium

height (cm ) :164-170cm

hips ( cm ) : 104-112cm size

Size large

height (cm ) : 170-176

hips ( cm ) : 108-116

Size XLarge

height (cm) : 170 +

hips (cm) : 116+

Universal size

Delivery long description

Universal size

Delivery long description

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