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Opaque stockings with plain top, 40 denier

£ 1,60 

More colours available here
Please note that we can offer our products at wholesale prices thanks to economies of scale, and that is why the minimum order value on our website is £200

Coloured Stockings - we have so many for you to choose from that you’ll be tempted to buy them all. Your legs will thank you for it!

Wonderful and unique soft microfibre opaque stockings get the XL treatment! Nobody else makes opaque stockings in such a wide range of colours. We sell neon colours, to nude, white, red and black stockings. And if they sound like they are too strong a flavour, then don't worry. There are also many gorgeous powdered and pastel shades. Nobody else makes opaques in such long sizes. Now the two are combined. A truly ground-breaking development!

Made with Elastane 3D for the ultimate in softness and fit.

You won’t be disappointed

Polyamide 86%, Elastane 14%

Available sizes:

size 2 - small

height (cm ): 152-162cm

hips ( cm ): 100-108 cm

size 3 - medium

height (cm ) :162-169cm

hips ( cm ) : 104-112cm

size size 4 - large

height (cm ) : 169-176

hips ( cm ) : 108-116

size 5- XLarge

height (cm ) : 175+

hips ( cm ) : 116+

Universal size

Delivery long description

Universal size

Delivery long description

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