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Kids opaque plain tights, 40 denier

£ 1,90 

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Please note that we can offer our products at wholesale prices thanks to economies of scale, and that is why the minimum order value on our website is £200

Your child will love wearing our tights!

Big range of colours gives your child chance to find perfect look with every type of clothes. Our tights are suitable for school and more formal events. We take great care in making our product so you can be sure about smooth, comfortable fit for every child.

40 Denier Opaque

Made from microfiber yarn

95% Polyamide, 5% Elastane

Hand wash only

Made from top quality materials in the EU

Available sizes:

2-3 Years: 92-98 body length height / 56-58 hips

4-5 Years: 104-110 body length height / 60-62 hips

6-7 Years: 116-122 body length height / 64-68 hips

8-9 Years: 128-134 body length height / 68-72 hips

9-10 Years: 134-140 body length height / 72-76 hips

11-12 Years: 146-152 body length height / 76-84 hips

Universal size

Delivery long description

Universal size

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